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TileRam of Las Vegas

Your best choice for stone and tile removal service! 

Their fast and dust-free tile removal technology means you no longer need to suffer the worst side effect of updating your flooring – uncontrollable dust permeating your home or office building.

They are the only Nevada-area tile-removal experts to use the patented DustRam ® system which eliminates the need to hang and drape plastic sheeting in a futile effort to contain the dust. Modified high-performance vacuums enable them to remove your unwanted/ outdated tile or other flooring DUST FREE.

When they finish, your home or building is not only free of dust and debris from tile, grout, and thinset, but they leave your floor base undamaged, clean, and ready for whatever new application you have in mind. TileRam of Las Vegas will meet or exceed your expectations every time.

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