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For commercial and residential deep tile & grout cleaning we use our heavy duty-truck mounted steam machine which is a self contained power washing machine for indoors with automatic dirty water extraction without leaving any puddling or making any splashes. It provides intense heat with high water pressure and is what cleans the micro pockets of the grout better than brushes.

DIY cleaning is ok for in between service maintenance, you will loosen up some of the dirt and grime out of the grout but at some point professional floor cleaning and extraction of the the soil and soap residue is needed or it just settles in the grout channel attracting more soil.

It is the perfect blend of water pressure, heat, the best cleaning products and dirty water extraction all in one synergistic moment that make us the tile and grout floor cleaning experts. For lasting cleanliness we finish off with grout sealing which aids in the prevention of soil ands stains from becoming

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