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LifeSource Water Systems

The LifeSource Water Filtration System coupled with the salt free water softener provides high-quality water from every shower, sink, washing machine, water heater, and dishwasher in your home. Our system provides great tasting water, prevents scale buildup, and blocks chemicals and sediment from entering your home, with no maintenance.

With top quality technology that is still conscious of the environmentally friendly, the LifeSource whole house water filter system can make a huge difference in your health and your savings. With water supplies becoming increasingly strained and polluted, it has never been more important to purify water, while conserving it.

Enjoy clean, safe, worry-free water from every faucet and shower head in your house with our water filter systems. 

  • Top-rated water softener alternative. 
  • Solve your hard water problems. Prevent scale build-up. 
  • A LifeSource whole house water system produces smooth, non-slippery water. 
  • Our whole house water filters do not use salt and will not pollute fresh water resources. 
  • Eliminate the waste and hassle of bottled water. 
  • 100% maintenance free.

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